Do you have a monthly Body Corporate Agreement option?

At Tower Body Corporate, our approach is completely different to other body corporate services. We are not interested in locking you in to a contract that is not consistent with your requirements. We are not interested in working with body corporate committees who feel that we are not the best fit. What we want is to improve your strata community by creating a proactive, efficient and profitable body corporate with a committee that works effectively for all residents and investors.

If your goal is to run a professional body corporate committee with the help of an experienced, responsive and effective team, Tower will be the perfect fit for you. We are confident that once you experience our premium service, you will set new benchmarks for how things should be done.  That’s why we provide a monthly agreement option, so you can try us out.

Call us on 07 5609 4924 or email us using our secure contact form to find out more about our monthly agreement option.

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