How do I change Body Corporate Managers in Qld?

Any Lot Owner in a body corporate has the power to submit a motion or a proposal to engage and even appoint new management.

You have two options for changing body corporate management in Queensland…

  1. Submitting the Motion as a Lot Owner– Lot Owners can submit a motion in writing for consideration by the committee at the next general meeting. For annual general meetings, owners are required to be invited to submit motions for the agenda. However, the owner has a right to submit a motion at any time as long as it’s received by the secretary prior to the body corporate’s financial year end.
  2. Submitting a Proposal to the Committee for Consideration– An owner has the right to submit a proposal to the committee for an alternative body corporate company to assume control. The proposal will be reviewed and put forward to the general meeting from the committee. In this instance, however, the committee has no obligation to include the proposal during the next general meeting.

Take a look at these resources to help you change your body strata manager:

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If you are still unsure about how to take the first step towards change body corporate managers, Tower Body Corporate can help. Simply submit the form here: Request a Proposal – and we’ll be in touch to help.

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