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Our Vision

Navigates Financial Planning have strategic relationships with Specialist Financial Planners in the field. Our advisers are part of large privately owned financial groups Australia wide. All advisers meet industry training and continuing education standards and must abide by a strict industry standard. Each adviser is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Health funds regularly review and change the packages they offer, so why not exercise your power as a consumer and do the same? After all, we all look around for the best deal when our mobile phone or electricity contract is up for renewal!

Navigates Financial Planning is part of the Navigates Group which provides a suede of services.

The Navigates Group have the following attributes:


To help customers sustain and grow their wealth


Purpose, people and professionalism

The Navigates Group has partnered with advisers that hold a common philosophy and will work as a team so that the customer can both acquire and retain their wealth. The advisers operation under through their own AFS Licence but work like a team with the Navigates Group stable of activities.The Navigates Group is a place so that one customer can come and be serviced by the Group, efficiently and effectively.