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Aged Care

Michael can provide you with this service from a financial planning perspective.

Aged care financial advice and modelling for when a loved one is required to enter a residential an age care facility

The aged care system is getting more expensive for those residents with financial means. So obtaining financial advice for aged care is perhaps more important for families now than ever before.

The aged care sector is a minefield, there are significant financial risks if the move to an aged care facility is not handled correctly. Specialised age care financial advice and modelling provides family’s with a ‘roadmap’ to safely navigate the aged care system. The advice can include:

  • Modelling and analysis of a number of available financial options to enter an age care facility
    (Inc. retaining, renting, or selling the family home)
  • Cash flow analysis and funding solutions
  • Accommodation bond funding strategies (i.e. lump sum RAD, interest only DAP, reverse
    mortgage or a combination)
  • Assessing the impact on age pension benefits, now and into the future
  • Minimising the aged care means testes fees (if possible)

Our Aged Care Financial Advisers have provided information and aged care financial advice to hundreds of residents and their families.

The first consultation with our advisers is obligation FREE. If you can benefit from our advice we will then quote a fee for a financial plan to suit your requirement. The ‘fixed price’ fee will then be charged upon delivery of the financial plan.

Many families are sentimentally attached to the home and do not wish to sell it to pay the aged care bond amount. If you happen to belong to this category, then our advisers can also help develop a strategy to fund Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) liability while retaining your home.

Our Process

Every client situation is different, so the advice our financial advisers provide will be tailored to your circumstances and objectives. We typically employ a seven-step process:

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