Today, growing businesses require professional help to manage and effectively keep up to date with their insurance policies. For small to medium sized business it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the ongoing paperwork, claims and re-marketing of policies with different insurers.

We have what you need

At Navigates, we understand this dilemma and that is why we’re focused and dedicated in helping all businesses across Australia achieve their insurance goals through utilising our services, expertise and insurance solutions. Our approach is that of collaboration and effective partnership. We will work with you to help analyse your business and assets and on an ongoing basis. We will provide you with the best insurance solution available to us incorporating leading insurers. Some of the insurance products we can make available from the insurers we deal with are below. Click on a product to find out more.

We have access to all major insurers and have agreements to use most underwriting agencies capable of providing policies through Lloyd’s of London therefore we can tailor insurance solutions to the individual needs of our clients.


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