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Residential Solar

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Commercial Solar

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Power Purchase Agreements

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About Navigates Solar Energy

Navigates Solar Energy is an Australian owned company, with our head office based in Queensland. Our core business is to reduce companies energy costs, combining industry knowledge with commercial, financial and regulatory expertise to help organisations maximise savings in today’s energy and environmental markets.

Navigates Solar Energy is committed to seeing Australia being powered by the sun and for this to occur solar equipment must be affordable, of the best quality and easily accessed by home-owners, schools, community organisations and businesses.

Solar Panels Queensland

It’s safe to say that over the last couple of centuries, we have done extensive damage to our planet through our unrelenting requirement of energy – mainly delivered through the burning of damaging fossil fuels. Temperatures are rising, and we are starting to see the very real effects of global warming here in Australia, and all over the world. Luckily, it’s not just scientists anymore that are taking this damage seriously, and normal citizens are starting to realise the necessity of clean, renewable energy.

Choose Navigates for the Best Solar Power Systems in Queensland

We are proud to provide solar panel systems for Australians that help our continent to reduce our reliability on fossil fuels and provide a positive path towards a sustainable future.

We are proudly an Australian family owned company, and you can find our head offices in the heart of Queensland. The main foundation of our business is to reduce the energy costs of companies through a combination of industry experience and knowledge in the commercial, financial and regulatory fields of the energy industry.

Delivering Quality Solar Panels in Queensland

We are committed to a future where Australia is predominantly powered by the sun, but for this to happen, solar companies have to offer high-quality, affordable solar power systems in Queensland and across Australia, that are accessible for residential and commercial use.

That’s why we promise all of our clients the following:

  • A premium product ranges
  • Obligation free consultations
  • Industry knowledge and expertise
  • Great customer reviews
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Reliability and accreditation

Our three core areas of solar panel systems in Queensland are:

  • Residential

The costs of electricity are nothing to joke about, and if you are using it during the day, then it makes sense to install solar power into your home. In Australia we have an absolute abundance of bright, sunny days with Queensland and South Australia enjoying a solid eight hours a day, and New South Wales and Victoria coming in close behind on seven hours of sunlight a day. Reduce the impact of electricity price increases and install solar panels in your home.

  • Commercial

When it comes to cutting costs in your business, installing PV solar energy is the most effective way in which to do so. Not only are you saving your company money, you are also investing in an eco-friendly, sustainable future for our planet – which is pretty great for your brand image. Also, any surplus energy you generate could be entered into an agreement with your energy retailer, where they pay your business for feeding electricity back into the grid.

  • Power Purchase Agreements

We specialise in PV solar Power Purchase Agreements, otherwise known as PPA, and this allows companies to benefit from solar power without incurring the upfront costs. We will supply, own, and maintain the entire solar system and you companies then buy the energy from us, as a lower price.

Navigates aren’t just about selling our solar power products, but about ensuring that Australia has a bright future ahead for our children and grandchildren. We are invested in getting as many people in Australia to move to solar energy systems as possible, and this is best done through selling high-quality, affordable and accessible products to all of our clients.

Contact us to get your solar panel systems in Queensland now.

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