Commercial Project Lighting

We know that you could significantly reduce the amount of energy you use and cut your operating costs by making smarter lighting choices and moving to more energy efficient technologies.

This is why we are continually sourcing the latest environmentally friendly lighting solutions that are of a quality that we believe will hold their brightness throughout their lifespan.

Lighting Design

The Lighting design service works alongside lighting designers, architects and engineers to assist them in delivering the right product at the right price. We collaborate a range of solutions to suit the specifications set out by these professionals. You can use our lighting engineers for your entire project or just as a secondary support for general consultancy. Either way – we want to make you look good!

Lighting Supply

The Lighting Supply aspect of our service works directly with Business Owners, Property Developers and Managers, Builders, Procurement Officers and ShopFitters. Utilising our skills and experience as engineers & electricians we always ensure installation issues don’t catch out our clients because they’ve been sold lighting that doesn’t fully meet the required specification.

Benefits you can experience

  • Total Energy Savings of Over 50% Possible
  • Short Payback Times
  • Quick & Simple Installations
  • Combine Savings & Comfort
  • Stylish Design, Elegant Integration
  • Developed and Manufactured to Highest Quality Standards