Our products provide monitoring, management, control and distribution of your power usage and generation. From large industrial sites, through to small residential, Auzimax and eGauge data loggers will empower your energy consumption and generation. Whether you need to store, reduce, control, monitor or distribute power, our data loggers, either stand-alone or integrated together, will save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

We install on power distribution boards to collect data on mains, solar (if available) and sub-circuit supplies. It also connects to loads like hot water, air-con and pumping, enables automatic control based on energy tariffs, demand, conditions and timers. Where solar panels and or storage are fitted, the system will work out optimal use of the available energy. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere via web browser or App.

Comprehensive reporting console allows you to see exactly where you can save energy and reduce costs. Automatic control equipment, reporting details where the total dollar savings made based on tariffs (electricity costs) via both kWh and KVA demand reduction. You will receive notices of where your budget is exceeded and advice on what circuit is causing the overuse. In addition to helping lower power costs, this is also valuable in preventative equipment maintenance, reducing downtime and unnecessary equipment overload.