Navigates Private Health

  • Are you paying too much?
  • Do you have the right cover for your needs?
  • Are you paying for benefits you no longer need?
  • Are you confused about the options available and all the terms and conditions?

If you haven’t reviewed your health insurance for a few years, you’re probably paying for benefits you no longer need and you might not have the best cover for the benefits you use or need most. Even if you have the right health cover, you could simply be paying too much for it.

Health funds regularly review and change the packages they offer, so why not exercise your power as a consumer and do the same? After all, we all look around for the best deal when our mobile phone or electricity contract is up for renewal!

Simply CLICK HERE provide a few details and a health insurance specialist engaged by Navigates Health will call you to review your circumstances and provide you with recommendations. There’s no cost, no obligation and it’s completely confidential.

If you’ve got the right policy at the right price for your situation, they’ll tell you. If there’s a more suitable policy for you or a lower cost option available, they’ll make a recommendation. And if you’re new to health insurance, they’ll find a policy to meet your needs and budget. If you purchase a policy or swap funds, they’ll even handle all the paperwork. It’s that easy!


Through our experience our consultants would typically aim to call customers within a 24 hr period (providing lead created on a weekday). Dependent on when the lead is created however, if in the morning the client will be attempted two times over an approximate 8hr timeframe. With the process involving a second call on the subsequent day, and third call on the following up to a maximum of 4 attempts if unanswered. If you do not receive this level of service, please contact Theresa Moore on 0420 995 780 or email us at and we will escalate the matter so you be service to our high expectation level.